Episode 63: Letters From Dementors

As if to make up for the last episode, we here at ABQ give you one of the best episodes we have ever done.  Do you want stories about Shoe Wine?  You got ‘em.

You want to know about Rule 63(see what i did there) Steel Magnolia casting?  We got you, fam!

Do you want a WTF Potter so bad that even Bob had to warn people about it?  Step right the hell on up, sunshine!

Do you miss us doing card games?  Well so do we, so we give you some Superfight for flavor.

If you skip this episode, all your friends will think you're a Kraut Spy, you don’t want that, do ya, son?

Well I guess you better plug us into your ear holes and let us sooth you with the powerful plosives that we still haven't ironed out of our new setup yet!








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